Automatic hypothesis test selection

No need for manual test selection. CogStat will do the work for you.

Automatic graph creation

Investigate your data on informative charts that CogStat creates for you.

APA style output

Copy and paste your results directly to your report.

Faster data analysis

Work more efficiently with many automated analysis steps.

Available in many languages

Use CogStat in your language.

Free and open source

CogStat is free of charge.

Cross platform

Available on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Jupyter Notebook integration

Make your data analysis in Python more efficient.

About CogStat

CogStat is a free and open source data analysis and statistical analyis software which aims to make data analysis more efficient. Development is lead by Attila Krajcsi at Eötvös Loránd University. Try out CogStat, and analyze your data more efficiently.